The Vision


Though there have been significant scientific advances in the study of the benefits of play, most adults aren’t fully applying the productive benefits of playfulness. We’re seeing increasingly fragmented human communities. We all will benefit from the unity that comes with a unifying philosophy and a healthy playfulness ethic.


Notamos Corporation is HERE at and physically based in Maryland, U.S.A.


NOW! We need this now. Notamos is currently working in the Hispanic community teaching and developing the mentor network.


What is being done? Notamos is focused on ancient Eastern spiritual wisdom, and assisting adults in the Latina community with playfulness skills and cultural unification.


Who is doing this? The vision for Notamos is to grow a very large network of mentors, teaching other mentors to teach more!

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Notamos Corporation received 501(C)3 tax exempt status on August 3, 2015.